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Monday 16 September 2019 - 11:29:05 | Author: admin | Category: EKO
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Wednesday 19 June 2019 - 16:27:42 | Author: admin | Category: EKO
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16th Domenica Cup
Saturday 26 January 2019 - 12:44:29 | Author: admin | Category: EKO
EKO Matsushima
invites you to the International Kyokushin Karate Kata and Kumite Tournament
open to all organizations and all styles of martial arts

‘’16th Domenica Cup’’
Time: Saturday, 9th of March, 2019
Place: School Sport Hall Vladimir Deščak, Školska 4, Novaki, Sveta Nedelja, Zagreb County
Categories of Kata competition:
1. Kids lll. and ll. boys: born 2012 - 2009
2. Kids lll. and ll. girls: born 2012 - 2009
3. Kids l. and Adolescents boys: born 2008 - 2005
4. Kids l. and Adolescents girls: born 2008 - 2005
5. Youth and Junior boys: born 2004 - 2001
6. Youth and Junior girls: born 2004 - 2001
7. Adult men: born 2000 and before
8. Adult women: born 2000 and before
Categories of Kumite competition:
1. Kids lll. boys: born 2012/2011 (-30kg, -40kg and +40kg)
2. Kids lll. girls: born 2012/2011 (-30kg, -40kg and +40kg)
3. Kids ll. boys: born 2010/2009 (-35kg, -45kg and +45kg)
4. Kids ll. girls: born 2010/2009 (-30kg, -40kg and +40kg)
5. Kids l. boys: born 2008/2007 (-40kg, -50kg and +50kg)
6. Kids l. girls: born 2008/2007 (-35kg, -45kg and +45kg)
7. Adolescent boys: born 2006/2005 (-50kg, -60kg and +60kg)
8. Adolescent girls: born 2006/2005 (-40kg, -50kg and +50kg)
9. Youth boys: born 2004/2003 (-60kg, -70kg and +70kg)
10. Youth girls: born 2004/2003 (-45kg, -55kg and +55kg)
11. Junior boys: born 2002/2001 (-65kg, -75kg and +75kg)
12. Junior girls: born 2002/2001 (-50kg, -60kg and +60kg)
13. Younger adults men: born 2000/1999 (-70kg, -80kg and +80kg)
14. Younger adults women: born 2000/1999 (-55kg, -65kg and +65kg)
15. Older adults men ‘’B’’ (max. 5th Kyu): born 1998 and before (-70kg, -80kg and +80kg)
16. Older adults women ‘’B’’ (max. 5th Kyu): born 1998 and before (-55kg, -65kg and +65kg)
17. Older adults men ‘’A’’ (min. 4th Kyu): born 1998 and before (-70kg, -80kg and +80kg)
18. Older adults women ‘’B’’ (min. 4th Kyu): born 1998 and before (-55kg, -65kg and +65kg)
 Existing of each category depends on number of competitors in that category (minimum 2);
 After the deadline for application, the final List of categories will be sent for review;
 For the categories that will not take place, the first following the appropriate category will be
offered if such will be;
 Additional applications after the deadline are not possible;
 The draw will be posted in sport hall the day before the tournament and cannot be changed;
 In the case of only one competitor on tournament’s day, that category will not be held.
Moving competitor to another category will not be possible. Registration fee will be returned.
Rules of Kata competition:
 Cup’s system of competition with a performing of Kata for the 3rd place (Flag system);
 Competitors perform Kata on free choice from the List of Kata offered for each category in all
rounds (the same Kata in all rounds is allowed).


Rules of Kumite competition:
- Cup’s system of competition with a fight for the 3rd place;
- For each category is prescribed protective equipment that are determined by the specific rules in that category;
- The general rule in all categories is: prohibited are punches to the head, punches and kicks to the groin, back and when is opponent on the floor, catch, pull or push an opponent, avoid a fight by turning the back or going out of the tatami, prohibited is celebrate, cry, simulate, offend or to do anything opposite of Kyokushin ethic = warning (Chui), penalty (Genten) or exclusion (Shikaku) depending on the character and severity of the offense or its repetition.

Registration fee:
 20 Euro (Kata or Kumite) / 25 Euro (Kata and Kumite) - pay at the registration.
 Competitors must present a valid Medical certificate or Budo pass with a valid medical
note and a signed Statement of competitors (on behalf of kids, adolescents, youth and
juniors, their parents have to sign it);
 For all competitors are provided lunch pack.
 Competitors are required to attend a registration at the specified time - otherwise they will not
be able to participate;
 For the case of more weight than allowed in the category in which competitor registered, the
competitor may access re-weighing within the time for registration;
 After that, if competitor still has more weight than allowed, he loses the right to participate
without right to return the registration fee.

Friday, March 8, 2019 – Sport Hall
 18:00 ÷ 21:00 – Registration for the Kata & Kumite competitors.
Saturday, March 9, 2019 – Sport Hall
 08:00 ÷ 08:30 – Registration for the Kata competitors;
 09:00 ÷ 12:00 – Registration for the Kumite competitors;
 09:00 – Match officials meeting for Kata competition;
 09:30 – Beginning of the Kata competition and Kata Awards ceremony;
 12:15 – Match officials meeting for Kumite competition;
 13:00 – Opening ceremony and beginning of the Kumite competition.
 We invite all competitors, coaches and match officials on their presence on the opening
 1st place – cup;
 1st ÷ 3rd place – medal and certificate;
 4th place – certificate.
 On Awards ceremony only Gi and Obi is allowed.
Match officials:
 Match officials on the tournament are referees and corner judges registered by the clubs /
teams in the Match Officials Application Form sent until application deadline;
 For match officials are provided lunch, gift and fee (30/40 Euro for corner judge/referee).
 The number of match officials is limited. Notice of the required number of match officials will be sent after the applications deadline.
Applications deadline: Wednesday, February 27th 2019 on
 Both application forms for the competitors and for the referees, received after the Feb. 27th will not be accepted (thank you very much for understanding!);
 Both applications forms has to be signature on the spot by the responsible person of the club/ team.

 Accommodation in Sveta Nedelja:
 Accommodation in Samobor:
 Hostel ''Samobor'' (9 km from Sport Hall) –;
 Hotel ‘’Lavica’’ Samobor (9 km from Sport Hall) –;
 Hotel ‘’Livadić’’ Samobor (9 km from Sport Hall) –
Reports from previously Domenica Cups see on:
Photo albums see on our FB page: Karate Kyokushinkai Croatia
See you in Sveta Nedelja on ‘’16th Domenica Cup’’, OSU!

Competitors_Application_Form_CRO-ENG_ 16th_Domenica_Cup_name_of_the_Club_or_Team_edit.xls

Sensei Vladimir Sekelj, 4th Dan
President of Kyokushin Karate Club ‘’Domenica’’ Sveta Nedelja
Branch Chief of I.K.O. Matsushima Kyokushinkaikan Croatia
President of the Croatian Kyokushinkai Association

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